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splonebox is an open source network assessment tool with focus on Industry Control Systems. It offers an ongoing analysis of your network and its devices. A modular design allows writing of additional plugins. It is still in development. For latest news see our blog.

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Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) is the buzzword that summarises devices of Industry Control Systems (ICS). These devices are highly specialised on controlling industry processes like production lines or even hole plants. Typically an ICS consists of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), actuators and sensors. It is common, that industry networks also consist of additional devices like Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMI) or gateways


The splonebox consists of three components, which communicate through a central API. On the one hand, there is a core component that enforces security. On the other hand, we have several plugins, that do the actual work. Using this API the plugins are able to communicate with the splonebox core or even with other plugins.

Planned features

A Wide Variety Of Plugins

Since the core API relies on msgpack, it's possible to develope plugins in a wide variety of progamming languages. So in the future, we want to provide plugins in multiple programming languages (e.g. python).

SCADA Plugins

One of our interests is industrial security. As a consequence, we're looking forward to provide plugins that support industrial communications like Modbus or PROFINET.

Network Scan Plugins

In order to provide an optimal analysis, we're working on plugins that gather information in different ways. One ways is to scan networks actively while other plugins will sniff the traffic.

Graphical User Interface

The modular architecture basically makes everything a plugin. Hence, the graphical user interface is a plugin, too. In future releases, there will be multiple user interfaces that cover different aspects and needs.


Is it possible to already download the splonebox?

Yes, it's possible via our github project. But keep in mind, that the current version is heavily under development. So this version is not for productive usage.

Go to splonebox

Check out the github project for installation instructions.

When will be the release of the beta version?

We're working on it. The is expected to be out next year.

I like the splonebox. How can I participate.

There are different tasks that needs to be done. We really like to welcome developers and bug hunters. In order to get an overview about the next things, have a look at the issues list in our github site.

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