Penetration Test

A Risk Based Audit

With a penetration test you identify vulnerabilities in your infrastructure. This enables you to prevent damages like data theft, manipulation or sabotage. In addition, a hardened system reduces the risk of failures and breakdowns like they are caused by denial-of-service attacks. Our penetration tests are lead by OSCP certified personnel.


Attacks on company's digital infrastructures become increasingly popular. This type of targeted attacks are simulated by penetration tests. A penetration test starts with a detailed analysis of the external and internal infrastructure called information gathering. The next step is to make a comprehensive analysis of the data and, if desired, to actively exploit found vulnerabilities.

During a penetration test, you get regular reports, that keep you up-to-date and informed about the ongoing steps. In the very end, you get a final report that contains all the details about issues, their rating and how to come by. Every issue is prioritized which makes it easier to decide about your next step.


A penetration test is a security audit where the following properties apply.

What can be tested

applications, services, network devices, servers, clients

Basis of information

grey or black box


external or internal


direct attack attempts or covert attack




passive, polite, aggressive or paranoid

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