Embedded System Audit

Security Audit of Embedded Devices

With this audit, you ensure that your embedded devices are securely connected and their communication is not eavesdropped. Get your embedded devices to work in sensitive environments by fulfilling highest security requirements. An audit also helps preventing breakdowns or failures of systems.


In everyday life we use embedded devices. Usually they control systems, process data or signals. Embedded devices are mostly invisible and have a huge set of use cases. The buzzword Internet-Of-Things summarizes all those highly connected gadgets which are used for instance in smart homes as well as energy and traffic systems (and in mobile, medicine, automotive, entertainment or housekeeping). These systems are often connected to the local network or even to the internet.

Their high inter-connectivity, their modern protocols and their broad usage lead to special security considerations. Manipulation of single components may have vast consequences for the security of the hole infrastructure.

We help you to asses the security of your embedded devices and infrastructure and support you in deploying the corresponding measures. We adjust the audit individually, depending on your type of embedded system. So we might simulate external adversaries, inappropriate user behaviour or something totally different to fulfill your special needs.


An embedded system audit is a security audit where the following properties apply.

What can be tested

Embedded systems, control systems

Basis of information

White-, grey- or blackbox


External or internal


Direct attack attempts or covert attack


Full or focused (concentrate on specific aspects of security)


Passive, polite, aggressive or paranoid

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