Architecture and Code Review

In-depth Security Analysis of your Software

Identify buffer overflows, off-by-ones and other widespread security problems by auditing your software architecture and its source code. A review helps you to build a modular and secure architecture with a minimal set of targets and an optimal performance. Make security experts part of your team early, so that they can help you to design a secure and stable software.


A lot of security issues are caused by insecure software. The result of these vulnerabilities might be failures, denial-of-services as well as a compromised networks. The basis of a secure application is a secure design and its implementation. Both steps can be audited and accompanied by us in order to identify security related issues.

The architecture is significant, if it comes to security of your application. Wrong decisions may result in an insecure software. A review helps you to identify issues by applying well known metrics and software patterns that match for your application and language. During a source code review we use static and dynamic analysis measures to identify issues. If desired, we provide you with exploits to illustrate the corresponding vulnerability. In the very end, you get an overview on the issues, a rating and the corresponding countermeasures.


An architecture and code review is a security audit where the following properties apply.

What can be tested

Results of the software development

Basis of information

White- or grey box




Static and dynamic examination


Full or focused (concentrate on specific aspects of security)


Polite, paranoid

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